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Fun in the Last Social Mile of Business

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Social Media author and SNCR.org fellow, Brian Solis, wrote an interesting piece several days ago on The Socialization of Business. In his post, he talks about “the last mile” as one of the largest (if not the largest) hurdles businesses have to clear to really engage and connect with customers. This last mile of social media is a human connection, and Solis talks about the disconnect between brand representatives (employees in most cases) and the customer.

He brings up some great points, and what strikes me is that for that mile to be bridged effectively it will take years. It calls for a change in corporate values, as well as training and empowering employees to act in that “human” capacity for the brand. No one cares about “brand values” in b2b when you can’t get what you need when you need it. It’s about real human issues.

This is why FUN matters in that last mile. That last mile is a human connection.  Fun is about people – it’s about delighting and surprising your customers. Ultimately, all business is done between people, not faceless entities, and Fun and humor are about real connections as the authors of the now 11-year-old seminal book,  “The Cluetrain Manifesto” so rightly penned. Consequently, corporate “Berlin” walls are going to have to come down so employees and customers can have meaningful, trusted, human interactions.

It’s going to require big values, trust, and letting go. Yes, empowering the social employee as well as the customer. To those maintaining the hurdles, “tear down those walls!” Only then, can the last “social” mile be implemented.

Hubspot is Spot-On with Humor That Delivers ROI

In Marketing, Marketing FUN on June 22, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Andrew Fowler wrote a great post in April about Hubspot and humor: http://www.newsvetter.com/2010/04/28/hubspot-is-a-hub-for-humor/

I have been watching Hubspot for some time and I agree humor has been a differentiation for this company. It wasn’t an afterthought – Hubspot, who I’ve been watching for some time, made a conscious decision to use humor because it captures who they are and what they are about: helping businesses succeed.

Moreover, the company has made a choice about what kind of work environment it wants to be: FUN. Employees have fun at Hubspot and that means customers are more likely to have fun engaging with the company. If your people are unhappy, ain’t no customers gonna be happy! So the saying goes.

Check out some of the fun Hubspot office hijinks: 

Back to the external ROI question…Success is fun, and to-date, Hubspot has helped over 2500 businesses improve their inbound marketing. According to a recent MBA report from MIT”s Sloan School of Management, most customers see substantial improvements with Hubspot in a matter of months:

In terms of leads, after 5 months of using Hubspot:

  • Customers starting with 1 to 5 leads per month experienced 8.6 times more leads.
  • hose starting with 50+ leads per month observed a 25% increase in leads.
  • Overall, users experienced a 4.2x increase in leads.

One of the things Hubspot is really good at is presenting information in a fun way. It’s all about helping marketers learn, but who said learning can’t be fun? According to the Hubspot blog:

“… no one will hate the idea of having fun while doing serious learning. Four out of the 10 most widely read HubSpot blog articles in 2009 are fun-based: 3 cartoons and 1 music video…”

Four out of ten of the most widely read Hubspot blog articles featured fun. There you have it – validation of what those in the creative marketing community know: humor attracts customers because it stands out. It communicates to your audience that you are a different type of company – one that cares about people. Humor is about customer delight. Having fun is a part of that. That focus on serious business with a fun sensibility drives ROI. It’s that kind of success that will drive others to follow in Hubspot’s footsteps.

Does humor in marketing work? Yes! Hubspot has received over 300,000 views on their YouTube videos (they are fun!), and, according to the company, those videos (and all their cartoons!) are often cited as the reason people do business with the company.

Hubspot, you’re a company after my own heart!