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Hubspot is Spot-On with Humor That Delivers ROI

In Marketing, Marketing FUN on June 22, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Andrew Fowler wrote a great post in April about Hubspot and humor: http://www.newsvetter.com/2010/04/28/hubspot-is-a-hub-for-humor/

I have been watching Hubspot for some time and I agree humor has been a differentiation for this company. It wasn’t an afterthought – Hubspot, who I’ve been watching for some time, made a conscious decision to use humor because it captures who they are and what they are about: helping businesses succeed.

Moreover, the company has made a choice about what kind of work environment it wants to be: FUN. Employees have fun at Hubspot and that means customers are more likely to have fun engaging with the company. If your people are unhappy, ain’t no customers gonna be happy! So the saying goes.

Check out some of the fun Hubspot office hijinks: 

Back to the external ROI question…Success is fun, and to-date, Hubspot has helped over 2500 businesses improve their inbound marketing. According to a recent MBA report from MIT”s Sloan School of Management, most customers see substantial improvements with Hubspot in a matter of months:

In terms of leads, after 5 months of using Hubspot:

  • Customers starting with 1 to 5 leads per month experienced 8.6 times more leads.
  • hose starting with 50+ leads per month observed a 25% increase in leads.
  • Overall, users experienced a 4.2x increase in leads.

One of the things Hubspot is really good at is presenting information in a fun way. It’s all about helping marketers learn, but who said learning can’t be fun? According to the Hubspot blog:

“… no one will hate the idea of having fun while doing serious learning. Four out of the 10 most widely read HubSpot blog articles in 2009 are fun-based: 3 cartoons and 1 music video…”

Four out of ten of the most widely read Hubspot blog articles featured fun. There you have it – validation of what those in the creative marketing community know: humor attracts customers because it stands out. It communicates to your audience that you are a different type of company – one that cares about people. Humor is about customer delight. Having fun is a part of that. That focus on serious business with a fun sensibility drives ROI. It’s that kind of success that will drive others to follow in Hubspot’s footsteps.

Does humor in marketing work? Yes! Hubspot has received over 300,000 views on their YouTube videos (they are fun!), and, according to the company, those videos (and all their cartoons!) are often cited as the reason people do business with the company.

Hubspot, you’re a company after my own heart!

Welcome to Kathy’s powerfully fun blog

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find this blog fun and interesting. Who said B2B has to be boring? With the explosion of content, online business communities, and the evolution of social media usage by business (yes, it’s happening), companies are discovering that FUN, engagement, and loyalty are correlated.

In the next few years as social media marketing to the business customer becomes more mainstream (and business marketers lag b2c adoption) and  businesses get over the hurdle of experimenting, there will be a shakeout. Many business marketers will discover that what they are presently doing ISN’T working because their approaches and content fail to excite, inspire and engage the business audience. What will be left are viable models and, make no mistake, practices that deftly employ fun, gaming, and levity WILL be shown to deliver the ROI goods.

Fun is a people-centered strategy. It’s not about the technology, or “processes,” or proprietary methodologies. And most marketing to the business customer is so filled with jargon that it is little wonder it fails in the marketplace. People make decisions and business marketing is about relationships. So is fun, engagement and social media. So unless you sell to robots, stop using old tactics that do not work, that get lost in the techno-jargon, and that focus on your technology.

Fun is a customer-centered strategy. Companies with big, human, and people-centered values will step and be successful.